Laundry Detergent Cube Ball 8g x 40pcs

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  • Low foam and easy to rinse.  Does not contain fluorescent powder, pigment, fluorescent whitening agent and other harmful substances.

  • Laundry Ball ialah jenis baru detergen dobi perlindungan alam sekitar, yang boleh menjimatkan air dan elektrik, mengurangkan pencemaran serbuk pencuci.
  • Ia boleh digunakan sebagai deodoran peti ais, penghilang bau sampah, penyegar bilik dan sebagainya.
  • Mampu menanggalkan pelbagai kotoran pada pakaian tanpa meninggalkan kesan.

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Laundry Cube Ball 8g Condensation Cloth Detergent Mixed Beads Cube Sabun Pencuci Baju Viral Washing Machine

This is a concentrated laundry gel that will help you clean your laundry faster and better. It is suitable for a wide range of materials: cotton, linen, sweaters, duvets, synthetics, bedding and more.

  • 8g Condensation Cloth Detergent
  • Gentle laundry. 
  • Elegant fragrance.
  • Low bubble easy drift.
  • Bright and shiny. 
  • Softening factor formula, gentle and clean without hurting clothes, easier to iron. 
  • Low foam and easy to rinse.
  • Green environmental protection. Plant formula, environmental health. 
  • Does not hurt the skin. 
  • Does not contain fluorescent powder, pigment, fluorescent whitening agent and other harmful substances, to relieve the irritation of the skin of the hands, even if you hand wash things do not have to worry, it can gently care for your hands. 
  • The breakthrough multi-activator penetrates deep into the fibres of clothes and easily disintegrates stubborn stains, leaving clothes clean from the inside out.
  • Main Ingredient: Surface active agents, stabilizers, neutral agents, dispersants, laundry agents, perfumes and enzymes.

Instructions for use: 

  • Do not cut or tear open. (The transparent wrap film is a water-soluble material that does not need to be torn.) 
  • Pour in the clothes and start the washing machine. (8 times concentrated one tube) Do not use the ultra-fast wash mode below 18 minutes
  • The product is soluble in water and has no residue after washing.
Weight 0.36 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 5 cm


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