Premier Non-Stick Concave Tawa 32cm

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  • A flat Tawa is a round, concave cooking surface used for frying, searing and grilling food. It can be used to make dosas, pancakes, omelettes, uthappam and many other tasty dishes.

  • Premier Non-Stick Superior Tawa diperbuat daripada aluminium gred makanan berkualiti terbaik dan tidak reaktif kepada haba dan air, memastikan masakan selamat.
  • Pemegang yang direka dengan baik menjadikannya lebih mudah untuk diangkat dan dikendalikan.
  • Ia didatangkan dengan badan kalis karat yang melalui proses anodis tiga peringkat yang unik untuk hasil yang lebih baik.

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Premier Non-Stick Concave 100% Premium Tawa 32cm Premier Supreme Brand Quality Made In India
  • Premier offers Non-Stick Supreme Flat Tawa that are used for making dosas, pancakes, omelette, uthappam and many other tasty dishes. 
  • Non-stick Tawas are modern, user friendly and require less cooking oil for cooking. 
  • They are made from the finest quality food grade aluminium which ensures safe cooking and longevity.
  • The Tawas are easy to clean after cooking. Premier Supreme Tawa features sturdy long-lasting handles.
  • Excellent Heat Distribution.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • It results in a healthier, more balanced, tasty and nutritious diet and worry-free living.
  • ISI Certified.
  • Includes a manual book, warranty card, scrubber and wooden spatula.
  • Brand: Premier Supreme Non-Stick Concave Tawa
  • Size: 32 cm
  • Thickness: 3.25mm
  • 100% Premium Brand Quality and Oil-Free Cooking
  • Warranty 30 Days
  • Weight: 0.8 kg
  • Layer: Non-Stick Coating (2 Layer)
  • Gas Stove Compatible


  • Warranty is not claimable if you use a metal spoon which can cause scratches.
  • Do not use a metal spoon while cooking or flipping tosai.
  • Only to use a wooden spatula.
  • Kindly season the tawa pan with onion and oil to make the tawa perform better.
Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 42 × 4 cm


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